dinsdag 24 oktober 2023

Why Data Governance is here to stay

More than a fairly stable Google Trend Index, proving that Data Governance issues won’t go away is the fact that “Johnny-come-lately-but-always-catches-up-in-the-end” Microsoft is seriously investing in its data governance software. After letting the playing field for innovators like Ataccama, Alation,  Alex Solutions and Collibra, Microsoft is ramping the functionality of its data catalogue product, Purview.


Google Trend Index "Data Governance"
Google Trend Index on "Data Governance"

The reason for this is twofold: the emerging multicloud architectures as well as the advent of the data mesh architecture driving new data ecosystems for complex data landscapes.

Without firm data governance processes and software supporting these processes, the return on information would produce negative figures.

In the next blog Defining a Data Mesh  I will define what a data mesh is about and in the following blog articles I will suggest a few measures needed to avoid data swamps. Stay tuned!

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