woensdag 5 februari 2014

Some Thoughts on Predictive and Customer Analytics @BA4All

Last Thursday, three excellent sessions on predictive and customer analytics led me to a few conclusions

Technology allows very old dreams of marketers to come true:
  • To know and understand the response logistics from product design or customization via the attention – interest – desire – action chain to the sales counter,
  • To decompose aggregate marketing information to the lowest grain: the individual consumer,
  • To get deep understanding of switching behavior while the consumer is shopping,
  • To monitor online the impact of all marketing variables
The more technology evolves and delivers value, the more need for human relationship and context management becomes a necessity. These are two sides of the same coin in business intelligence: user acceptance and user integration of data driven decision making will be the bottleneck in any marketing technology push.
And finally, all this new stuff still needs to pass the test of a well balanced business case. The balance between the added value of information in hard currency and a softer evaluation of improving the strategic position with new technology needs careful study.
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