zaterdag 3 mei 2014

What has Immanuel Kant got to do with it??

Making a Success of New BI Tool Introduction

In the previous post I indicated the five major causes why BI consultants fail to introduce a new BI tool in the organisation. As promised, I have not just raised questions but I am ready to provide you with some answers.
Some of my colleagues in Business Intelligence commented on the LinkedIn discussion forum. I will quote their comments and integrate them in this post.
It is all about embedding the tool in a larger setting, larger than the competences of one BI specialist.
Some people won’t like to read this. The reason is simple: positioning the BI tool in a very broad, organisation wide vision goes beyond the competences of a technical project lead.  The approach requires teamwork and input of business analysts, strategic consultants and change managers. It requires more time and budget and both are scarce resources in an organisation. 
But if you look at the wasted time and money in remedial efforts to get the new BI tool on the road, you can consider the extra effort and resources as an insurance premium. Because you can only make a first impression once. 

These are the seven steps to successful introduction I will address in the article on my book site BA4BI:

* Get a deep insight in the organisation’s DNA
* Understand its strategy
* Understand its information needs
* Assess the information modelling acceptance in the organisation
* Translate the previous in the tool’s requirements
* Introduce the tool 
* Develop the decision making culture with the new tool

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