dinsdag 20 mei 2014

The Last Mile in the Belgian Elections (III)

Awesome Numbers... Big Data Volumes

Wow, the first results are awesome. Well, er, the first calculations at least are amazing.

  • 8500 tweets per 15 seconds measured means 1.5 billion tweets per month if you extrapolate this in a very rudimentary way...
  • 2 Kb per tweet = 2.8 Terabytes on input data per month if you follow the same reasoning. Nevertheless it is quite impressive for a small country like Belgium where the Twitter adoption is not on par with the northern countries..
  • If you use  55 kilobytes for a  model vector of 1000 features you generate 77 Terabyte of information per month
  • 55 K is a small vector. A normal feature vector of one million  features generates 72 Petabytes of information per month.

And wading through this sea of data you expect us to come up with results that matter?
We did it.

Male versus female tweets in Belgian Elections
Gender analysis of tweets in the Belgian elections n = 4977 tweets

Today we checked the gender differences

The Belgian male Twitter species is clearly more interested in politics than the female variant: only 22 % of the 24 hours tweets were of female signature, the remaining 78 % were of male origin.
This is not because Belgian women are less present on Twitter: 48 % are female tweets against 52 % of the male sources.
Analysing the first training results for irony and sarcasm also shows a male bias. the majority of the sarcastic tweets were male: 95 out of 115. Only 50 were detected by the data mining algorithms so we still have some training to do.
More news tomorrow!

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