vrijdag 11 maart 2016

May I have three minutes of your time?

But I need your help...

To asses the present state of art in Data Governance and Analytics: how are data definitions, formats, locations, security, privacy and other aspects governed for analytical purpose? But most of all, why are you governing data and what is the level of data governance in your organisation?

Get Lingua Franca’s Presentation on the Data Governance Conference Europe 2016

“How Data Governance Works with BI”

But before we send you the proceeds of the conference, we ask you for a favour in return.
Fill in four answers on a questionnaire you can find here. We expect about 400 answers from all industries in the EU and the Americas. A high level report will be integrated in our presentation but you will get the full report if you tick the box on the form. And rest assured, you will not be spammed with offers or other unwanted solicitations!

Many thanks in advance!


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