donderdag 23 mei 2013

What is Really “Big” about Big Data

Sometimes it is better to sit still and wait until the dust settles. Slowly but surely, the dust is settling around the Big Data buzz and what I am looking at does not impress me.
There are a lot of sloppy definitions of Big Data about. I have read incredible white papers, books and articles which all boil down to: “We don’t know what it is, but it is coming! Be prepared (to open your wallet).” In this article, I make an attempt to put certain aspects about Big Data in a Business Intelligence perspective and come to a definition that is more formal and truly distinguishes Big Data from just being a bigger database. I have a few challenges for you that will hopefully elicit some response and debate. These are the main challenges, intentionally served as bullet points as it will make bullet holes in some people’s assumptions.
  • Three V’s are not enough to describe the Phenomenon
  • There is a word missing in the Phenomenon’s naming
  • It has always been around: nihil novi sub sole
Until I have fired the second bullet I will use “Big Data” in a tongue in cheek manner and call it the Phenomenon.

Read the full article here on our BA4BI booksite.

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